Life Coaching – Create a happy, balanced, productive and exciting life for yourself.

Couple Coaching – Have the relationship you have dreamed about.

Parents – Children – Overcome the everyday obstacles.

Career Coaching – Make sure you do what you are meant to do and enjoy your work!

NLP in Coaching – How we can use Neuro-Linguistic Programming to achieve success.

NLP Techniques – Acquire the tools that makes the difference in life, business, relationships, etc.

If you are frustrated with an aspect of your life, not sure how to stop making the choices you keep making (but want to change), or just want more happiness, peace of mind and satisfaction, a life coach can help you.

A big part of the process is figuring out where you are in life and where you want to be, but for many people, being asked to set goals is difficult. Life coaching makes it easy.

Don’t expect a therapy session when you meet with a life coach. While I have a background in counselling, the process is different.
“In simplistic terms, a therapist is [there] to heal the wounds of the past, and a life coach supports you in moving your life forward, ” (Rhona Britten, founder of the Fearless Living Institute.)

Just like hiring any professional, you should do some homework and shop around before choosing a life coach. Since it’s someone you’ll be working with closely, and probably revealing a lot of personal information to, it’s key to look for someone with whom you feel at ease.

The best way to find out which life coach is best for you is to ask for a sample session and then use that time to get life coached on a real problem.

One2one coaching: