NLP Coaching

The developers of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) were interested in what actually took place when excellence was achieved – both externally in behaviour and internally in thoughts, feelings, beliefs etc. The more questions they asked, the more they discovered that excellence has a definite structure.

The exciting thing is that NLP life coaches can use this knowledge to help their clients develop powerful techniques to improve their performance at work and in their lives generally.

NLP is also a way of looking at things, an attitude, so to speak, based on actual behaviour rather than theories. It is grounded in reality, and highlights what keeps people from achieving their true potential.
Because of this, NLP tools are also grounded in reality – based on what works.

NLP life coaching offers you choice and flexibility, various ways of learning, growing and changing.

NLP Techniques

As a Master Practitioner of NLP, I offer my clients the benefit of the tools and techniques used by NLP Practitioners to help clients address challenges of self-awareness and relationships with others.

Neuro refers to thought processes.

Linguistic examines Language structure and how it influences people.

Programming addresses patterns and sequences of actions.

In short, NLP is about thoughts, words and action – all absolutely essential aspects to consider in any coaching session or programme.

Experience the power of changing from feeling helpless and frustrated to feeling empowered. Identify beliefs that stop you from getting what you want and change them to empowering beliefs. Develop the ability to see other people’s point of view, hear others’ side of the story, understand their behaviour and resolve conflict, negotiate excellently and satisfy needs. Discover levels of change and how change at every level affects the other parts of your life.


All NLPCoaching sessions – R500 per session

Only R450 per session if you sign up for 4 sessions …book now!