What makes a happy marriage?

It is a question we all ask……….

“The answer is to be found, I think, in the mutual discovery, by two who marry, of the deepest need of the other’s personality, and the satisfaction of that need.” – Pearl Buck
Harville Hendrix talks about the “conscious marriage”.

What does that mean in practical terms?
To become conscious of the things that drive my life unconsciously, is a rare and exciting journey.
Only when I truly know who I am and what I need, can I share that with my partner.

The next step is to acquire the skills to communicate my “self” to my partner.
Effective communication has two faces – the talking side and the listening side.

For a couple to open up and share their deepest selves, there has to be complete trust and trust is also nurtured when self-disclosure takes place.

Only then can I begin to try and satisfy the greatest need in my partner, making for a happy marriage.