Labels and being real.

Yesterday I was in a boutique, and the saleslady’s behaviour made me realize again how easily we label people – in this case by the labels they wear! I remember when my children were teenagers, how important it was to wear the right brands. And suddenly it struck me again what a challenge it is to be authentic in this day and age.

I get it that we have to categorize people sometimes to make life easier for ourselves and that certain social norms are applied to determine whether they are safe to allow into our inner circles, but when we start to believe the labels and lose the person, it becomes worrisome.

I see on facebook how people do these “tests” and then post the results for the world, as if they believe that artificial intelligence can determine their personality in a few seconds. And so every second person is an “old soul” or an empath or whatever!

Some people label you by your zodiac sign. “Oh, you’re an Aries…..” as if that explains everything. And so it goes on, your political party, the church you attend (or don’t attend), the car you drive, the suburb you live in, where you buy your groceries, and many more!

How do I know when I’m authentic? I want to ask you – if you could be anyone or do anything knowing that you will still be accepted and loved, who would you be? What would you do?

Who are you really, deep down? What is really important to YOU? What makes you happy, feel content and at peace?

I was surprised at how many of my clients were totally unable to answer these questions. My belief is that to become authentic, live authentically and be the real (best) you, one has to take a step away from the demands and pressures of everyday life, away from social media, even from loved ones, and spend some time with only one’s own company and then start asking the questions that will lead to who and what you really are.

Do you label yourself? Do you believe the labels others have attached to you?

Remember that every human being has a unique blueprint it is your choice if you want to become that real person that you were created to be…..

Have fun with the journey of becoming the original you!