Open up to possibilities

Open up to possibilities

I grew up on a farm in Namibia. Endless miles of veld with so much life and beauty to be experienced by the bold.

When you go for a walk in the bush, you can stick to the road. It’s safe, predictable and you’ll know exactly where you’re going.

You’ll see wild animals from afar if you’re lucky, you’ll hear the birds and now and again you’ll be covered by dust as a car passes you, but you will never discover the secrets of the bush. To do that, you have to be brave enough to give up the safety and predictability of the known, and venture into the unknown. When you do, you might be surprised by a family of warthog, a giant kudu bull or even a beautiful snake hanging from a birds nest in one of the trees. The possibilities to be surprised and delighted are endless…

What will encourage you to leave the safety of the road that you know and venture into the unknown where all the secrets are awaiting you? Maybe a guide that knows the way and can lead you to discovery without hurting yourself?

We become so comfortable in the way we know, have always known, that we tend to forget about all the exciting possibilities that life might have in store for us! If you were brave enough to venture into the unknown, imagine how much you can discover about yourself, your potential, ways in which you can grow and develop and new ways to be delighted!

The role of a life coach is to guide you into this brave new world, to help you see new things and experience new ways of being, doing and having the life you can only dream about.

Why settle for boring and predictable if you can have so much more?