Principles of Coaching

As a life coach and relationship/marriage expert, I have certain beliefs that shape the coaching relationship. My integrity lies in the fact that I trust my clients to set the agenda because I believe that they are resourceful. Coaching is about helping them discover what their own potential is and how to grow towards fulfillment and happiness.

I know that only they know the full story and therefore only they can implement the action agreed upon and live with the result.
My role as coach is to help the client develop resourcefulness through skillful questioning, challenge and support.
I am not there to give advice, because my advice will come from my own agenda and when I do that, I close the door to my client’s infinite potential to learn new skills. My own limitations will limit my client, should I fall into the trap of giving advice.

I strive, through questioning, to take my client to territory they have not previously explored. When they are scared of the new, I support them and when they are stuck in a (sometimes uncomfortable) comfort zone, I create a space of trust and acceptance where they can find the courage to move forward.

Although coaching can focus on specific areas of life, it ultimately addresses the whole person – past, present and future. Because I see every person as a functioning system and part of ever widening systems, even the smallest change will affect much more than can be imagined. “You never know how far a change can go….”

The client sets the agenda.

The coaching relationship is based on mutual respect and trust.

Coaching is not so much about analyzing and looking for reasons, dwelling in the past or staying stuck in the present. It is about change and action, in fact, it’s about closing the gap between potential and performance.

The questions we ask are questions like “Where, who and how am I now?” and “Where, who and how would I like to be?”

We discover what beliefs are keeping us from soaring and how to change them.

In couple coaching we become aware of the “dances” in our relationship that cause pain, sadness and hurt, and then we set about practicing new ways of doing, being and having the relationship we want.

Because I believe there is always a way, I will stay excited about discovering it together with each and every client!